3 Important Blogging Lessons I learned After My Site Got Hacked

If you have noticed my blog few days back it is constantly down. It was late night I have noticed that my website is down on the awesome day I got hacked. Initially I thought it was problem with the web server thinking of my past experience. I waited for around half a day. But… Read More »

WordPress.Com vs Blogger- Which is Best For Starting a Free Blog

In this article I am going to compare wordpress and blogger two of the best platforms for creating a free blog and publish your content online. Before going into the main article, in the beginning itself let me remind you I am comparing wordpress.com (not wordpress.org) blog service with google’s blogger service. There is no… Read More »

How To KickStart Your First WordPress Blog

How to start a wordpress blog! As you already know wordpress is the most popular content management system when compared to any other cms. Of all the websites present in the internet, over 20% of websites are powered by wordpress, making it as the king of blog softwares. The simplicity and flexible design are some… Read More »

After BendGate, Now its FireGate – IPhone 6 is Catching Fire [Video]

After a blazing event, the iphone 6 hit news with more of controversies rather than any other thing. We have seen so much buzz about the “bend-gate”. Many customers complained and started making videos about this bend gate, where they are complaining that their iphone 6 got bent when they place it in their pocket…. Read More »

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – Which is best for your first blog?

WordPress.com vs wordpress.org Entering the blogging world and marking their presence is a dream for many. Many are inspiring from successful bloggers like authors of problogger,shoutmeloud. For starting a blog wordpress is an excellent cms(content management system) as 27% of total blogs are using wordpress. To start a wordpress blog you have to choose between… Read More »

Google's Latest Android 5.0 [Android L] is Named LOLLYPOP

Android 5.0 is Android Lollypop – Says Google After so much buzz and suspense google named its latest android version as lollypop. After initiating the guessing game for its latest android operating system in a small teaser video, it has officially announced its latest Android L is Lollypop. The official announce of android L is… Read More »

SEO TALK: How Google Knows When to Stop or Slow Down Crawling Your Website

At the Search Marketing Expo Happening at New York (on 01/10/2014), Gary Illyes who is Google’s Webmasters trends analyst shared two important things about the Google bot. Garry mentioned how Google Crawler knows when to stop or slow down crawling your website. (source: searchengineland opens in new window) How the Crawler Determines When To Stop Crawling… Read More »

10 Most Dangerous Celebrities To Search About From Your Browser – 2014

Confused..!!! and Shocked after looking at this title. But you read it right. Those celebrities might be the heroes who win hearts of millions of people on the stage and on the screen in real world. But when it comes to the world of online web, they are deadly and dangerous. There are more chances… Read More »

What Is Meaning of WebSite Hosting?

It is really good to know about hosting and stuff related to blogging if you are thinking of starting your own blog and make money. There are different types of hosting both free and premium having their own advantages and disadvantages. Also there are different types of blogging platforms such as blogger, wordpress, drupal etc…. Read More »

How To Install and Host WordPress Locally On Your Computer Using XAMPP

Many of the bloggers want to test a new theme or experiment with the design of their blog. How ever this will become a nightmare if the design fails, leaving a bad impression on your website on that point of time for visitors. In this situations, most of the bloggers want to test their site… Read More »